Tree Trimming, Cutting & Pruning

We've been doing tree cutting, trimming & pruning work in Tyler, TX for over 25 years, often times difficult to reach and big, heavy branches that is too difficult for the home owner to handle.

Professional Tree Services

Lester's Tree Service is fully equipped to perform any job related to tree health, tree aesthetics or tree safety. We are busy in the Tyler, TX area all year round and in our twenty five years of experience in the business we have learned how to do every job as quickly as possible with regard to safety and quality.

No jobs are too big or too small. Call today to schedule a visit from one of our professionally licensed representatives. Our quotes are free with no obligation to purchase any services. As a family-owned business, our prices are fair and competitive. Our work ethic and dedication to quality is outstanding.

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6 reasons to schedule tree trimming

There are a lot of factors that go into the pricing and availability of certain tree maintenance offered by Lester's Tree Service.

The time of year as well as the age, size and condition of a tree are things that will effect scheduling and pricing.

The best way to keep prices reduced and guarantee convenient scheduling would be to address tree maintenance before issues arise.

Call now and one of our licensed professional representatives can help you form a plan of action before an emergency develops.


Trees left to grow wild will often develop uneven growing patterns.

Pruning and tree trimming help to keep your tree's overall shape looking balanced and natural. An implemented pruning regimen can extend the life and prolong the good health of a young tree.

Dead or Damaged Branches

Branches with a weakened structural integrity are a hazard. Every year, fallen branches cause thousands of dollars in damages in the Tyler, TX community.

It is a much better to have these weak limbs taken care of at a convenient time and a lower price than it is to wait until an emergency tree removal situation arises.

Branches Obstructing Views of Driveways or Roads

Branches that hang low enough to obscure a driver's view over a driveway or roadway create a hazardous condition.

They can cause accidents. There is also the possibility of paint scraping caused by limbs dragging across an automobile's finish.

Branches Growing Into Structures or Wires

Branches that grow into building structures or utility lines can create dangerous conditions that can cause injury or property damage.

Tree trimming to be done near power lines can often be performed by the utilities with no cost to the homeowner.

Prevent Spread of Infection

By pruning or taking other tree cutting measures, a tree infected with a disease can sometimes be saved by carefully selecting branches to be trimmed or removed.

Early detection of disease is a key factor in curtailing the spread of certain diseases, so homeowners should call Lester's Tree Service today to schedule an appointment for our Tree Doctor.

Improving General Tree Health

Allowed to grow in their wild state, tree foliage can become overcrowded which hinders airflow and causes branch crowding.

An unmaintained tree can suffocate itself if these factors go unchecked. Keep your tree looking healthy and vibrant by scheduling a crown thinning today.