Tree Trimming,
Cutting & Pruning

"With 30+ years' experience in East, TX, we expertly handle tree cutting, trimming, and pruning, tackling challenging tasks, including hard-to-reach areas and heavy branches homeowners struggle with."

Professional Tree Services

Lester's Tree Service, with 30+ years of experience, is fully equipped for tree health, aesthetics, and safety in East, TX. From small to large jobs, our family-owned business prioritizes safety, quality, and fair, competitive prices.
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6 reasons to schedule tree trimming

Lester's Tree Service considers various factors, including tree age, size, and condition, for pricing and availability.
Proactive tree maintenance ensures lower costs and convenient scheduling.
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"Unattended trees often exhibit uneven growth. Pruning and trimming maintain a balanced, natural shape, promoting longevity and good health in your trees."

Dead or Damaged Branches

"Weakened branches pose a hazard, causing thousands in damages annually in East, TX.
Proactively addressing these weak limbs at a convenient time and lower cost is far preferable to waiting for an emergency tree removal situation."

Branches Obstructing Views of Driveways or Roads

"Low-hanging branches obstructing a driver's view over driveways or roadways pose hazards, leading to accidents. Additionally, there's a risk of paint scraping from limbs dragging across a vehicle's finish."

Branches Growing Into Structures or Wires

"Branches encroaching on structures or utility lines pose risks of injury and property damage.
Utility-performed tree trimming near power lines is often provided at no cost to homeowners."

Prevent Spread of Infection

"Pruning or targeted tree cutting can rescue a diseased tree by carefully selecting branches. Early disease detection is crucial. Schedule with Lester's Tree Service for expert intervention by our Tree Doctor."

Improving General Tree Health

"Left to grow in their natural state, trees can face issues like overcrowded foliage, hindering airflow and causing branch crowding. Unchecked, this can suffocate the tree. Ensure health and vibrancy with a crown thinning appointment today."