Tree Stump Removal

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In that time we have performed countless stump removals and stump grindings for our large clientele of happy customers.

Tree Stump Removal

Through our years of experience, we've observed that customers may not always be aligned on industry practices concerning stump removal and how tree services address it. To facilitate understanding and simplify business terms, this page outlines key information that every customer should know when seeking stump removal from their property.

Before During And After Images Of Tree Stump Removal

Stumps should be removed professionally

The complete removal of a stump involves digging up both the stump and its roots, providing a thorough solution. However, this approach can be time-consuming and, consequently, more expensive. In cases where a tree has been cleared for construction projects like home foundations, opting for a complete stump removal becomes necessary to prepare the area thoroughly.

Stump Grinder Grinding Stump

A Stump can be ground down

Stump grinding is a cost-effective option for removing stumps, as it leaves the root system intact below ground. If there are no plans for further development in the area, a complete stump removal might not be necessary. This process involves grinding the top of the stump below ground level using specialized machinery, offering a more economical solution compared to full removal. Stump grinding is particularly advantageous in areas with multiple stumps or rocky soil, where traditional digging equipment faces challenges.

Burning or chemically eroding stumps is dangerous

While some homeowners may attempt cost-saving methods like burning or using chemicals to remove stumps, these practices come with significant hazards. Burning a stump poses risks, as it can take many hours and may not be easily monitored, potentially causing damage to nearby conduits or pipelines. Chemical erosion, if not handled by trained individuals, can lead to accidents. The treated area must be kept clear of children and pets during the process, and caution is required to avoid growing crops or gardens near places where these chemicals have been used. Both methods entail potential dangers and are best handled by professionals.

the type of wood matters

Various types of wood exhibit different levels of hardness, with harder woods like oak causing more wear and tear on removal machinery. Stumps from these types of trees typically require more time for removal, making the process potentially more expensive.

the Size of the Root System is Crucial

The complexity of a tree's root system significantly affects the time and cost of stump removal. Simple root systems are quicker and less expensive to remove, while complex ones, with many large roots, require more time and often come with higher costs.

The Size of the Stump Is Also Significant

The size of a stump plays a significant role in pricing its removal. The stump's diameter directly influences the cost, with larger stumps being more expensive than smaller ones. Additionally, the size affects the cost of hauling the stump away.

You Could Still be Left With a Stump

A more precise term for removing a stump from the ground is "stump extraction." After extracting a stump, a tree service may not always haul it away. Some customers choose to keep the stump for firewood or other purposes. While stump removal is often included in the initial job quote, some tree services treat stump removal and hauling away as separate services. Contact a representative from Lester's Tree Service today for a free estimate on any stump extraction at your home or business.