24/7 Emergency Tree Service

Your local, reputable family-owned tree service with competitive rates, committed to honesty and fairness in all business practices, even during challenging and unforeseen circumstances.

tree emergencies big and small

Providing round-the-clock Emergency Tree Service in East Texas, we are well-acquainted with the challenges posed by storms and occasional tornadoes.

For homeowners, these situations may necessitate the removal of fallen or damaged trees. The presence of fallen trees or large limbs not only creates an eyesore but can also lead to property damage or blocked pathways. Whether a tree is cracked or uprooted, our customers seek swift and efficient removal services, prioritizing the avoidance of further property damage or potential injuries.

Tree Uprooted And Fallen On A House

24/7 Emergency Tree Services

At Lester's Tree Service, our commitment is to minimize the inconvenience caused by fallen trees for our customers. We stand ready at any time to provide emergency tree cutting or removal services. Our skilled professionals are equipped to swiftly and safely remove fallen or damaged trees, prioritizing both safety and quality in our services.

Expert Removal

With over 30 years of expertise in the field, we possess the necessary knowledge to remove fallen trees without causing additional harm to your home, car, or surrounding property. Our highly skilled employees are fully equipped to handle any situation resulting from storms or tornadoes. Prioritizing safety, we treat our team like family, ensuring they have the proper safety equipment and training for emergency jobs.

While the occurrence of a fallen tree blocking your driveway or sidewalk may be rare, it's reassuring to know that Lester's Tree Service is fully prepared to handle such situations promptly and efficiently, even if it requires adjustments to our regular schedule. As a principled and family-owned business, we remain dedicated to maintaining competitive service rates during challenging times and any other unforeseen circumstances.

Tree Fallen On A House And Truck

Avoiding the Costs of Emergency Tree Removals

Proactively addressing the condition of trees in your yard provides a cost-effective alternative to scheduling emergency tree removal or cutting. By attentively removing dead branches or trees before a storm strikes, homeowners can significantly reduce the expenses associated with removal. This preventive approach not only mitigates potential damages but also contributes to overall safety and cost savings for homeowners.

Lester's Tree Service provides complimentary diagnostics and quotes, with no obligation to purchase. Give us a call, and our experienced arborists will be scheduled to assess the condition of your trees. With over thirty years in the industry, our representatives possess the expertise to determine whether a tree or branch can withstand upcoming wind gusts. Our friendly and professional tree surgeons work at your convenience, ensuring a seamless experience. Serving the East Texas community and its surrounding areas, we are committed to delivering top-notch tree care services.

Mitigate hazards, prevent injuries, and protect your property by addressing potential problem areas in your yard before they escalate to emergency situations. Lester's Tree Service offers cost-effective solutions to address these concerns, significantly reducing the expenses associated with emergency removals. Don't wait until the next twister hits your pocketbook – give us a call at Lester's Tree Service to proactively address and resolve any issues in your yard.