Tree Removal Services

Specializing in the removal of large trees in East Texas and the surrounding area, Lester's Tree Service possesses the necessary equipment and expertise to efficiently complete each job. We approach every tree removal with a tailored and unique perspective.

Tree Service Done Right

Our business sets standards in the industry with competitive pricing, job preparation, safety, customer service and the quality of our work.

Customers should note that tree removal and stump removal are two separate entities. Customers in need of stump removal or stump grinding
should refer to this section for further information.

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Tree Fallen On House And Being Lifted By Crane.

Safety FIRST

Trained & Licensed Operators

The safety of our workers, and your property is a paramount priority at Lester's Tree Service.

Ensuring utmost safety and property protection, we adhere to industry standards during tree removals. Our well-equipped, trained, and licensed employees operate tools proficiently.
We meticulously assess the height and condition of each tree, prioritizing a professional, safe, and hazard-free work environment.

A phot of a happy customer in front of a Large tree trunk.

Customer Service

Our reliance is on word-of-mouth.

"We take pride in executing tree removals with precision and tailoring our approach to meet the specific needs of our customers."

At Lester's Tree Service, our representatives and work crews prioritize your schedule, ensuring efficient job completion within safety and quality parameters.
Your property is treated professionally, delivering the desired results.
Positive feedback and testimonials consistently rate us favorably, contributing to a large and healthy clientele, driven by satisfied customers referring new business our way.

A finished tree trim job in a residential area.


Our Promise

"The quality of our work is self-evident. With skilled workers and effective management, our tree services stand unparalleled in our East, TX community."

Adhering to industry guidelines and safety standards, we deliver quality work at Lester's Tree Service, earning high ratings from customers and industry peers. Our tree services prioritize safety and exceed customer expectations. Our employees uphold cleanliness, safety, and professionalism in every job.

A picture of men hauling away tree remains after a professional Commercial tree removal.

Competitive Pricing

Cutting Unecessary Costs

Tree removal involves numerous considerations, and that's why each job merits a personalized Free quote from our fully licensed representatives.

As Certified Tree Care Professionals with over 30 years of experience, we carefully consider tree height, wood type, condition, equipment needs, and location to provide Free professional quotes. Our commitment to competitive pricing and safety is upheld through our extensive experience, ensuring efficient and complication-free tree removal.