About Us

We are very experienced local tree care company of Tyler, TX with over 25 years experience that run with two crews at any given time to handle your tree removal, trimming, cutting needs as soon as possible.

tree services–big and small

We take on big commercial projects to smaller residential projects, with well trained staff that are always equipped with proper safety gear and follow strict safety protocols, as safety remains as the single most important focus of our work.

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our crew

We are passionate about tree service and our crew has been together since the beginning, so we are all very experienced & good at what we do and because we worked together for a long time, we have great team work that allows us to get the job done faster than most tree service companies in Tyler, TX.  

We are hardworking people that wake up early everyday and enjoy being outside and doing what we do best, which is taking down big trees and taking on challenging jobs other companies walk away from.

Honest and fair

We do not look to quote jobs that you do not need. We will assess your tree situation carefully and give you our expert opinion based on 25 years of experience. If a tree doesn't need to be removed but just trimmed and take out dead branches, then that's what we will recommend.

years of experience

What makes us great is our crew that's been together since the beginning. We have great team work with each other and we're all passionate about what we do and we work hard to be the most experienced, skilled, expert tree surgeons in all of East Texas!

We are certain that you will not regret investing in us, we are no novices but true experts in this business. We will at times take on challenging jobs other tree service can't handle.

Our consistent attitude throughout our company is to be honest and do a great job for our customers and they will call us back for years to come. This is the type of mindset that has given us lots of positive reviews online and offline. We are proud of what we do here at Lester's Tree Service and we hope to be your go-to tree care company for years to come.

Trained By Arborist Associations

We take official training to become certified arborists & master tree climbers and keep all the various safety manuals you see above on hand.

When we come give you your free estimate, you will be able to tell just how knowledgeable we are about arbor care, it is that one area of expertise we feel very confident and proficient at.

We give our new customers consultation on tree care, answering such questions like is it possible to save a tree that is half dead? Is it possible to reverse diseases and return the tree back to health? Such questions will require an expert to come look at the actual arbor in person which we will be happy to do for you.

Some companies claim to be tree guys but then there are true arborist that can sometimes give you a completely different diagnosis of your current situation.

Tree Fallen On House And Being Lifted By Crane
Trained & Licensed Operators

Safety FIRST

The safety of our workers as well is an overriding priority for Lester's Tree Service.

We also utilize every industry standard in protecting any property within the vicinity of a tree being removed. Our employees arrive fully equipped for safety and are trained and licensed to operate any tool necessary to perform their work.

The height and condition of any tree is carefully considered in our efforts to work in a professional, safe and hazard-free environment.

Man In Orange Safety Gear Cutting Tree Limbs
We Rely on Word-of-Mouth

Customer Service

Tree removals can be complicated work and we take pride in doing our job in a manner suited to the needs of our customers.

Our representatives and work crews adhere to your schedule and perform their jobs as quickly as safety and quality will allow.Your property will always be treated in a professional manner and you will get the results you need.

Customer feedback and testimonials consistently rate Lester's Tree Service positively. We have built a large and healthy clientele because our past customers are happy to refer new business our way.

Tree Clearing In A Wooded Area
Our Promise


The quality of our work speaks for itself. Our experienced workers and management allow us to provide tree service that is unparalleled in the Tyler, TX community.

We perform every job within industry guidelines and safety standards, resulting in the quality workmanship that has given Lester's Tree Service great ratings from customers and industry peers alike.

We perform every tree removal with a strong regard for safety and the results the customer is looking for. Our employees keep work areas clean and safe, always maintaining professional manners.

Cutting Unecessary Costs

Competitive Pricing

There are a lot of factors to be considered in a tree removal, which is why each job must be given a quote by one of our fully licensed representatives.

The height of the tree, the type of wood, the condition of the tree, the equipment necessary for removal and the location of the tree are just a few of the details needed in order to provide a customer with a professional quote for services.

Our business strives to keep prices as competitive as possible by relying on our experience and working in a timely manner. Our arborists know what tools and procedures are necessary to get a tree removed as quickly as possible with regard to safety and quality. Our 25 years of experience in the field gives us the ability to foresee and avoid any difficulties or problems that could prolong or complicate a job.