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Tree Fallen On House And Being Lifted By Crane

Tree Removal & Trimming in Tyler/Jacksonville

We specialize in challenging Tree Removal, Trimming, and Stump Removal.

We are master tree climbers & certified arborists that provide full spectrum tree care from deep root injection, disease prevention, proper tree pruning, cabling & bracing, and more.

And we clean up afterwards, leaving no trace of there ever being tree work done, your unwanted trees are gone as if by magic!

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Top 5 Reasons to Pick Us

Read more about why we call ourselves the best tree service in Tyler, TX, or give us a call to learn more!

25+ Years of Experience

The owner of this company has over 25 years experience but what also makes us so great is that we have a close group of crew members that's worked together for over a decade which makes our tree work run smoothly.

This was not always the case as finding great tree climbers, trimmer, cutters is very difficult because it is such a specialized skill with high potential risks.

We have hand selected the best that Tyler, TX has to offer by paying well and providing great benefits, some of our members came over from other companies because we want to be the high-end company that has the best people doing tree services for you.

All Crew Members are Insured

All of our crew members must be insured.

We have made this the mandatory standard in the company years back and have never turned back. Being the best tree service Tyler, TX has to offer means we have made sure that the homeowners are receiving the most legitimate crew that respect the profession as something to be taken seriously, because we are aware it ranks as one of the most dangerous jobs in the USA.

We make sure not only the homeowner is protected in case of accidents but our crew members are as well.

Look we say we can handle any size jobs which we can, but that doesn't mean we take on any job lightly or because we are desperate for jobs, quite the contrary when we give quotes for these jobs we take into account the proper & safe way to do the job.

Honest & Fair Quotes

We believe one of the main reasons why we are loved by many is because homeowners can easily tell we are very honest when it comes to our quotation of various tree care service.

If a tree does not need to be removed, we will be honest about it and suggest a simple tree trim job that will save you lots of money.

We are more interested in keeping our customers happy, and this includes quoting a very fair price every time NOT trying to reap as much profit as possible per each job. We rather make smaller margins and get a repeat customer for life.

As local guys that grew up in Tyler, TX we feel a sense of duty to fulfill great customer service to our community so we want to keep the tree removal costs as affordable as possible for you guys.

Best Equipment = Quick Work

We are one of the biggest tree care company in East Texas, we have commercial grade equipment and high-end chainsaws that allows us to cut through big trunks like butter and haul off massive tree chunks rapidly.

Whereas a smaller tree service company would need to cut the tree up into small firewood sizes so they can be picked up by hand, we use big grapple trucks that can lift much bigger pieces which gets the job done in fraction of the time.

This ensures your prices remain low and your tree issue is resolved sooner rather than later. We are talking about couple hundred thousand worth of equipment that normal companies don't have.

Passion to Serve

In the last 10 years we have grown from running with 1 crew to 3 crews at once that can take care of several projects at once. We have purchased over quarter million dollars in new equipment.

We continue to hire new staff and purchase even more high-end equipment that gets the job done more efficiently. We are the fastest growing tree service company in East Texas, and this does not come without having a lot of passion for this profession. We love this business and we love what we do.

While lots of tree care companies in Tyler, TX would rather remain small family operated business with 1 crew, we strive to get better each year while still maintaining close family oriented approach that puts local customer service at the forefront.

About Our Crew

We are passionate about tree service and our crew has been together since the beginning. We wake up early everyday and enjoy being outside doing what we do best. We take on jobs other companies walk away from.

Tree Cutting Cutting Through Thick Tree Trunk Up High

Master Tree Climbers

We take all the National Arborist Association training on safety and professional tree removal.

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Front Loader Lifting Large Tree Trunk Section

We Take on Big Jobs

No job is too big for Lester's Tree Service, we have the large equipment to handle massive logs.

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Large Mound Of Cleared Land

Trained by Arborists

We are true Arborist and not just tree guys. Sometimes it may not be necessary to down a tree.

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