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Tree Fallen On House And Being Lifted By Crane.

Tree Trimming & Removal

We specialize in challenging Tree Trimming, Removal, and Stump Removal.
We are master tree climbers & certified arborists that provide full spectrum tree care. From deep root injection, disease prevention, proper tree pruning, cabling & bracing, and more.
We always clean up afterwards, leaving no trace of there ever being tree work done.
Your unwanted trees are gone as if by magic!

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A crew member clearing away branches from overgrown tree.
Crew members working together to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
A crew member performing a tree trimming. Showing why they are Master tree climbers.
A picture of a large tree that had fallen during a storm on a vehicle.
A crew of dedicated professionals, cleaning up.
A crew member performing a tree trimming.
A close-up of acrew member performing a tree trimming.
A large crane lifting a massive tree off of a home.
A large crane lifting a massive tree top away from a home.
A crew member in a pine tree removing sections.
A crew member in a pine tree removing limbs.
A crew member in a pine tree removing limbs as members on the ground clear debris.
A crew member on a small Log moving machine on a residential street.
A crew member on a small Log moving machine in a Yard.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us

Read about why we are The Best Tree Service in East Texas, or give us a call to learn more!

30+ Years of Experience

With over three decades of hands-on expertise, I, as the proud owner of this esteemed tree service company, am delighted to introduce you to a team that embodies success, humility, and genuine friendliness. Our journey in the arboriculture industry has been shaped by a commitment to excellence and a passion for ensuring your trees receive the care they deserve.

What truly sets us apart is the close-knit group of tree care professionals that form the backbone of our company. For more than ten years, our crew members have worked harmoniously, turning our tree work into a well-coordinated symphony.

It wasn't always easy to assemble such a dedicated team, considering the specialized nature of tree services and the inherent risks involved.
In our quest for excellence, we've scoured East Texas to handpick the finest tree climbers, trimmers, and cutters. The challenge of finding individuals with the right skills and a commitment to safety is immense, but we've overcome it by offering competitive wages and outstanding benefits. What makes us immensely proud is that some of our team members chose to join us from other companies, recognizing our vision of being the premier high-end tree service provider.

At Lester's Tree Service, we don't just prune trees; we cultivate relationships. Our success is grounded in not only the expertise of our team but also in the genuine care we extend to our clients. We understand the significance of your trees and the role they play in your property's aesthetics and environmental well-being.

Whether it's tree trimming, removal, or any other arboricultural service, trust that our experienced and passionate team is here to exceed your expectations. We invite you to experience the unparalleled service that has made us a trusted name in East Texas.

All Crew Members are Insured

Safety First, Always –
Our Commitment to Excellence at Lester's Tree Service

At Lester's Tree Service, ensuring the safety of our clients and crew is not just a priority – it's a non-negotiable standard we set years ago and have steadfastly upheld. We take immense pride in being recognized as the top tree service provider in East Texas, and a crucial aspect of that recognition lies in our unwavering commitment to professionalism and safety.

Every member of our dedicated crew is comprehensively insured, adhering to a mandatory standard established within our company. This decision was not taken lightly; it reflects our sincere dedication to providing homeowners with the most reputable and legitimate tree service team in the region.

Recognizing that arboriculture ranks among the most perilous professions in the USA, we prioritize the safety and well-being of both our clients and crew.
Being the best in East Texas doesn't simply mean taking on any job that comes our way. On the contrary, we approach each task with the gravity it deserves. While we proudly declare our capability to handle jobs of any size, it is crucial to emphasize that we do not take on projects lightly or out of desperation for work.
Our commitment extends beyond completion – we ensure that every job is executed in the proper and safe manner.

When we provide quotes for tree services, rest assured that our team meticulously considers the intricacies of each task. The safety protocols we follow are not just a requirement; they are a reflection of our dedication to professionalism and the well-being of our clients and crew members.

Honest & Fair Quotes

At Lester's Tree Service, our commitment to honesty and exceptional service is at the core of why we've earned the love and trust of many homeowners.
We believe in transparency, especially when it comes to providing quotations for various tree care services.
Our reputation is built on the foundation of integrity, and it reflects in our honest assessments and fair pricing.

One of the reasons we are cherished by our customers is our straightforward approach. If a tree doesn't necessitate removal, you can trust us to be candid about it.
Instead of pushing unnecessary services, we will suggest a simple tree trim job that not only maintains the health of your tree but also saves you a considerable amount of money.
Our focus is on keeping our customers happy, and this includes offering fair and reasonable prices for every job.

Unlike some, we are not driven solely by maximizing profits per job. We understand the value of long-term relationships, and we prioritize customer satisfaction over short-term gains. Making smaller margins allows us to build lasting connections, turning satisfied clients into repeat customers for life.

As local guys who grew up in Tyler, TX, we feel a profound sense of duty to provide exceptional customer service to our community.
Our commitment goes beyond business; it's about being responsible stewards of our hometown.
We understand the importance of affordability, and that's why we strive to keep tree removal costs as reasonable as possible for our valued community members.

Best Equipment = Quick Work

Unmatched Capability, Efficient Solutions –
Lester's Tree Service Stands Out

Lester's Tree Service proudly holds the distinction of being one of the largest tree care companies in East Texas. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the top-tier commercial-grade equipment and high-end chainsaws we employ. These tools empower us to effortlessly cut through substantial trunks, swiftly removing massive tree chunks with unparalleled efficiency.

What sets us apart from smaller tree service companies is our investment in state-of-the-art equipment, including robust grapple trucks. While others may need to laboriously cut trees into small firewood sizes for manual removal, our advanced machinery can lift significantly larger pieces. This strategic advantage translates into completing the job in a fraction of the time, ensuring not only cost-effectiveness but also a prompt resolution to your tree-related concerns.

At Lester's Tree Service, we understand the value of your time and finances. Our comprehensive fleet of equipment, totaling a couple of hundred thousand dollars in value, goes beyond the norm. This substantial investment demonstrates our commitment to providing you with unmatched service capabilities that smaller companies simply do not possess.

Choose Lester's Tree Service for an experience that combines cutting-edge technology, efficiency, and the assurance that your tree issues will be addressed promptly and affordably.

Passion to Serve

Over the past decade, Lester's Tree Service has undergone remarkable growth, transitioning from operating with a single crew to orchestrating the simultaneous efforts of three dynamic crews.
This expansion enables us to seamlessly manage multiple projects concurrently, providing our clients with efficient and timely tree care solutions.

As the fastest-growing tree service company in East Texas, our success is not only attributed to our state-of-the-art resources but also fueled by an unwavering passion for this profession.
We are deeply passionate about what we do, and it resonates in the quality of our work.

While many tree care companies in East Texas opt to remain small, family-operated businesses with a single crew, we aspire to elevate our standards each year.

Our commitment to growth doesn't compromise the close-knit, family-oriented approach that has been a hallmark of our service.
At Lester's Tree Service, we believe in getting better every year while maintaining a personalized touch that prioritizes local customer service above all.

We Pay For Referrals!

About Our Crew

We are passionate about what we do.
Our team has been together from the start.
Every morning, we're up early, enjoying the outdoors and doing what we do best.
We take on jobs that others might avoid.

Tree Cutting Cutting Through Thick Tree Trunk Up High

Certified Tree Care Professionals

We take all the National Arborist Association training on safety and professional tree care.

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Tree Fallen On House And Being Lifted By Crane.

We Take on Big Jobs

No job is too big for Lester's Tree Service, we have the large equipment to handle massive logs.

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A finished tree trim job in a residential area.

Trained Arborists

We are true Arborist and not just tree guys.
It may not be necessary to down a tree.

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